StorSafe Self-Storage Investments: 

The Definitive Solution to Asset Availability in a Volatile Market 

Elevate Your Portfolio with Recession-Proof Self-Storage Investments 

Secure, stable, and profitable—three attributes that define StorSafe Self-Storage investments in today’s volatile real estate market. Backed by a proven track record, innovative solutions, and recent recognition in Inside Self Storage’s 2023 Top 100 Operators List, we offer a compelling opportunity for institutional, large corporate, and private equity investors. 

The Challenge: Availability of Desired Assets 

In an evolving real estate landscape fraught with uncertainty, the availability of quality self-storage assets has become a major obstacle. A diversified portfolio has never been more critical. Yet, finding the right assets can be a challenge, unless you have a partner delivering them to you.

The Solution: StorSafe’s Multi-Pronged Strategy

Why Choose StorSafe? 

Team Proven Performance Metrics

📈 48.9% YoY Facility Owner Growth 

🏆 #3 on Inside Self Storage's 2023 Top 100 Operators List

Diverse Investment Portfolio

From underperforming assets turned profitable to new, state-of-the-art facilities, we offer a range of investment opportunities tailored to meet your objectives.

Risk Mitigation

Through meticulous due diligence, cost-saving technologies, and a keen understanding of demographics, we eliminate uncertainties.

Unmatched ROI

Our focus on operational efficiency and data analytics delivers a consistent and attractive return on investment, well above the industry average.

What Sets Us Apart

Addressing Regulatory Hurdles

Our deep-rooted relationships and understanding of local zoning laws fast-track the acquisition process.

Technological Edge

State-of-the-art security, automated systems, and data analytics to predict consumer behavior and identity growth opportunities.

Geographical Expansion

We focus on area with high demand for self-storage and limited supply, effectively filling market gaps.

Our Financial Projections

Self-Storage Market Size by 2028: $72.15 Billion

Anticipated CAGR (2023-2028):  4.37%

We are strategically positioned to capitalize on these growth trends, particularly in the Midwest and Southeast regions.