Elmdale Partners Continues to Grow with Elmdale Management Group’s New Team Lead

Elmdale Partners welcomes David White as lead for the Elmdale Management Group. David brings extensive experience in risk management to the day-to-day operations of EMG.

In this role, David will assist with the development of third party property management operations as well as integration into all service lines in the Elmdale platform.

Elmdale Partners, LLC, a multi-faceted real estate platform, is happy to share the news of this addition of David White as a Principal at Elmdale Management Group (EMG). Founders, Thomas Bretz and Adam Freeman, created Elmdale Partners in 2010 as a real estate acquisition firm. With their growth in the past 5 years, and addition of key partners allows for the timing to be right for EMG.  While maintaining a lead generation tool that yields opportunities for the fund, EP’s unique real estate platform includes investments, brokerage, property management, and commercial financing and development.

“We are excited to add David to EMG and utilize his experience in real estate to not only support this facet of Elmdale, but to spearhead the integration of services across our platform,” says Bretz.

In addition to advancing daily operations and long-term strategic planning, as a principal of EMG, David will coordinate synthesis of the division’s real estate and risk management advisory services across Elmdale Partners, supporting property-owner clients, commercial and residential tenants and investors.

“I am so pleased to be part of the Elmdale Partners platform and combine my experience and expertise with that of so many other talented real estate professionals,” says David, who has worked as an investment professional for over 30 years.

Throughout his career, David’s assessments have contributed to more than $2 billion in residential and commercial property investments. He has also led private equity teams through transactions valued at more than $2.5 billion.

The Elmdale team along with EMG and the addition of David White look to streamline and grow in 2018.  Please connect with us to get more details and updates. 

All inquiries are welcome, please email us at dwhite@elmdalemanagementgroup.com