Evaluate your real estate portfolio

Our newest suite of services, Elmdale Advisory Services (EAS) can help you evaluate your real estate portfolio and strategize on the best path forward. Bring us your list of problems (or questions?) and let us help you maximize your value and minimize your risk.

Some of the services include:

  • CFO analysis or audit
  • High level Financial Strategic Plan
  • Property Management Advisement
  • REO evaluation and Roadmap to Profitability
  • Turnaround Advisement
  • Strategies in Asset class
  • Construction - Rehab vs new vs remodel
  • Possible Board Seat Advisory role if needed
  • Brokerage Planning

We are looking to help all sizes banks and credit unions.

Everyone from small one branch community banks to regional and national institutions. Using best practices, EAS will help organize and prioritize your portfolio in order to positively affect your bottom line.

If your portfolio holds any of the following, we can help:

  • Properties
  • Debt
  • Government resources
  • Underwater assets

Having an advisory team on your side brings expertise, reporting, and solutions that any Board or Executive Team can utilize for assessment and planning. Turning your problems into opportunities makes for a profitable outlook.